Update 1.36 Patch Notes

Patch 1.36 was a significant update to AFK Arena.

It was published on April 5th, 2020.

Here’s the full changelog for this update.


New Heroes

1. Added the new Lightbearer hero: Oscar – The True Gentleman

New Additions and Optimizations

1. Added a new spring themed appearance to both Ranhorn and the Dark Forest.
2. Added the new ‘One Year Anniversary’ event. For specific details on this please keep an eye on our community updates.
3. Added the new ‘Achievements’ feature, wherein players can acquire Achievement Points, Stickers and Badges. Certain achievements that were completed prior to the addition of the achievement feature may not be displayed immediately.
4. Added an Achievement Wall that allows for players to show off their own achievement stickers and badges.
5. Completely reworked the player details page by removing the hero formation display and replacing it with the new Achievement Wall feature.
6. Added the new SNK licensed hero Ukyo Tachibana – The Wandering Swordsman, who will be available to test play and purchase from 2020/04/08 00:00
7. Added the new Voyage of Wonders adventure – The Forest’s Edge, which will be available to play from2020/04/09 00:00.
8. Added a new ‘Report’ feature, which can be used to report other players by opening the other player’s details page and selecting the button at the top right hand corner of the page.
9. Updated the Voyage of Wonders relic rules. Old and unnecessary relics will no longer be dropped within these adventures.
10. The heroes Rosaline, Warek, Lorsan and Isabella are now available at the Legends’ Challenger Store.
11. Fixed an issue causing heroes’ combat ratings to be displayed incorrectly, causing player combat ratings also to be displayed incorrectly.
12. Fixed an issue affecting the ranking system on certain floors of the Twisted Realm, causing the damage standards of those floors to be recalculated.

Hero Balance Changes

1. Angelo – Song of Dawn
– Optimized Angelo’s animations.
– Made adjustments to the ability “Love and Peace”. For specifics please view Angelo’s in-game skill page.
2. Tasi – Dreamhopper
– Optimized Tasi’s animations.
3. Ferael – Doomwhisper
– Ferael’s summoned spirits will no longer cause their enemies to lose energy if the enemies are attacked while in an immune state.
4. Rosaline – The Kind
– The hero that Rosaline follows in battle will always be determined by the Attack Rating value of the hero that is displayed on the hero’s info page and will no longer be affected by the Twisted Realm and Legends’ Championship modes of gameplay, wherein hero stats have been specifically modified for balance reasons.
5. Shemira – Corpsemaker
– Fixed an issue that would cause the visual effects of the ability “Soul Siphon” to remain visible even after it had been interrupted by an enemy attack.
– Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the visual effects of the ability “Silence” to be incorrectly displayed.
6. Wu Kong – The Monkey King
– Fixed an issue affecting the ability “Cloud Clones”, that would sometimes cause the original Wu Kong to prematurely reappear due to certain enemy abilities.
7. Isabella – The Taken Soul
– Optimized the immunity mechanics of the Isabella’s “Decimation” ability. The immunity provided by this ability now takes effect after the “black screen”effect has faded disappeared.
8. Solise – The Floral Wonder
– Optimized the way damage for the ability “Floral Specter” is reflected back at enemies. Damage dealt via reflection is now based upon the actual amount of health the summoned entity has lost.
9. Skriath – The Wise One
– Fixed an issue preventing the ability “Desert Vortex” from sometimes taking effect.
10. Cecilia – Purger of Sins
– Fixed a visual error, that was causing the visual effects of the ability “Devil Trap” to remain on the battlefield when it was no longer in use.
11. Safiya – Daughter of the Desert
– Fixed a bug that would cause the damage of the ability “Falling Sun” to be incorrect the first time it was used, if cast in quick succession.
12. Arden – Nature’s Voice
– Fixed an issue that would stop Arden’s “Entangling Roots” ability from having any effect on enemy targets if his hero level was relatively low.
13. Athalia – Harbinger of Justice
– Optimized the mechanics of the ability “Judgement”, causing it to be harder for enemies to evade.
14. Izold – The Forgotten Champion
– Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent the ability “Noxious Blast” from dealing any damage when it was manually activated.
15. Tidus – Shadowmane
– Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the second attack of Tidus’ “Twisted Fate” ability to incorrectly target an immune enemy.
16. Oden – Bitterblight
– Corrected a discrepancy found within the “Eye of Evil” ability description, so that the actual energy deducted from enemies now matches the description
17. Ezizh – Hellborn
– Fixed a bug that was causing the ability “Horrify” to still take effect against enemies that were in an immune state.

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